The Meehanite® Difference


No matter where in the world you are or what language is used Meehanite® is synonymous with “high quality castings.”

Meehanite Metal Corporation began operations in the early 1920’s. Since then it has developed into an International foundry consulting company with associates in England, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, and Japan. There are more than 200 Meehanite foundries in 40 countries. This is a unique association of progressive foundries who are recognized as world class suppliers of high quality castings.

Meehanite® is the registered trade name of a family of cast ferrous materials manufactured under rigid metallurgical control so that their properties meet established engineering specifications. Meehanite originated the very revolutionary discovery in 1927 of a way to modify graphite structures and control the properties of cast iron in relation to casting section. Meehanite metallurgists found that by adding alkaline earth silicides to a low carbon iron in the ladle that carbides could be reduced and the iron could be made very machineable and with uniform strength properties.

The dense, fine grain structure of Meehanite® metal, which assures casting solidity and uniform physical properties regardless of mass or section, is achieved by the use of well established Meehanite® control procedures.

The Meehanite® process involves a number of patented features seeking to control and produce the desired graphite distribution and the desired matrix structure in the casting . It requires very careful selection of raw materials, meticulous process controls and a very thorough knowledge of the foundry behavior of cast iron.

The Meehanite® process utilizes standard procedures in all phases of casting manufacture, including gating and risering techniques, sand control testing methods and many specialized molding procedures. It eliminates the guesswork, thereby resulting in an engineering product of high quality and reliability.